Docent in Optical Measurement Technology

The aim of my research is to implement new ways for sensitive, real-time optical analytics of gases and liquids. The application of novel light sources, such as mid-infrared semiconductor lasers and supercontinuum light sources, allow for new approaches in industrial pollution monitoring, environmental analysis and life science analytics.

The LiSens2012 seminar on liquid sensing was a great sucess. Thank you to all the participants!

Research Activities

Recent Publications

A. Manninen, T. Kääriäinen, T. Parviainen, S. Buchter, M. Heiliö, and T. Laurila,
"Long range active hyperspectral target identification using near-IR supercontinuum light source," Optics Express, Vol 22 (2014) 7172-7177.

K. Blomberg von der Geest, J. Hyvönen, and T. Laurila,
"Real-time determination of metal concentrations in liquid flows using micro-plasma emission spectroscopy", Photonics Global Conference (PCG) 2012, IEEE Xplore Conference Publications, (2013) 5 pages.

S.-S. Kiwanuka et al., "Development of broadband cavity ring-down spectroscopy for biomedical diagnostics of liquid analytes", Analytical Chemistry, Vol 84 (2012) 5489-54934.

C. Liu et al., "Periodic interactions between solitons and dispersive waves during the generation of non-coherent supercontinuum radiation", Optics Express, Vol 20 (2012) 6316-6324.

J. Saarela et al., "Phase-sensitive method for background-compensated photoacoustic detection of NO2 using high-power LEDs", Optics Express, Vol 19 (2011) A725-A732.

T. Laurila et al., "Optical detection of the anesthetic agent propofol in the gas phase", Analytical Chemistry, Vol 83 (2011) 3963-3967.

T. Laurila et al., "A calibration method for broad bandwidth cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy performed with supercontinuum radiation", Applied Physics B, Vol 102 (2011) 271-278.

C. Liu et al., "Predicting supercontinuum pulse collisions with simulations exhibiting temporal aliasing", Optics Letters, Vol 35 (2010) 4145-4147.

C. Liu et al., "An adaptive filter for studying the life cycle of optical rogue waves", Optics Express, Vol 18 (2010) 26113-26122.

S.-S. Kiwanuka et al., "A sensitive method for the kinetic measurement of trace species in liquids using cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy with broad bandwidth supercontinuum radiation", Analytical Chemistry, Vol 82 (2010) 7498-7501.


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