Minutes of the meeting of the UV Thematic Network steering group

Time and place: Teddington, UK, September 8, 1999, 2 PM - 6 PM


Erkki Ikonen, HUT (Chairman)

Jürgen Metzdorf, PTB

Anton Gugg-Helminger, Gigahertz Optik

Harry Moseley, University of Dundee

Nigel Fox, NPL

Bill Hartree, NPL (During agenda point 8.2)

Leif Liedquist, SP

Petri Kärhä, HUT (Secretary)

  1. Opening
  2. Erkki Ikonen opened the meeting at 2:10 PM.

  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. The agenda was adopted. It was decided that items related with the training course would be discussed under item 8.

  5. Progress of the working groups
  6. Erkki Ikonen noted that the final outcome of the working groups (WG) is expected within one year. The preferred outcome was discussed. It was decided that the objectives need to be sharpened in order be able to produce usable documents.

    It was noted that the distribution of the participants within different WG:s during the workshop needs to be known in advance.

    Leaders of WG 1 and WG 3 agreed that WG 3 would support WG 1 in solving various practical metrological problems. The outcome of WG 3 could be incorporated into the document of WG 1 as an appendix. This was considered appropriate because there is significant overlap in the scopes of these WG:s. One concrete example was mentioned: WG 3 should document suitable methods for measuring and characterising the effect of out-of-band radiation with spectrally weighted UV meters. WG 3 may also support WG 4 with metrological problems related with spectrally weighted measurements in areas related to health and safety.

    The second year of the network ends on November 15. Progress reports of the WG:s are expected by this date.

  7. Finalising the programme of the NPL workshop
  8. Minor changes were made to the schedule. It was decided that coffee during breaks would be served in the hall where the posters are to allow discussions.

  9. Fourth workshop to be arranged at SP
  10. Practical arrangements and distribution of duties between SP and HUT were discussed and agreed. As before, the local organiser will handle practical items related with accommodation, travel information, and lecture halls. HUT will take care of compiling the programme with the support of the steering group.

    Less time will be allocated to WG:s because there are several other agreed activities. 2 hours will be reserved for the WG meetings and 2 hours for presenting results. This was considered to be enough because the WG:s have to complete their work by the workshop anyway. Time will also be reserved for the presentations on the results of the SMT and EUROMET projects, excursions (1 afternoon), and posters (2 h + coffee breaks at poster room). The proposals of the previous steering group meeting will be used in preparing the rest of the programme.

    Preliminary dates for the workshop were decided, which will be suggested for the participants. The workshop will be arranged in Borås, Sweden, on September 7 and 8, 2000. In addition, Wednesday, September 6 is reserved for excursions and a steering group meeting.

  11. Thematic Network after year 2000
  12. Possibilities to continue the activities of the network after year 2000 were discussed. Opinions were expressed suggesting that there might be a need to continue the network. It was considered that people might be interested to continue even if there would be a small fee to participate. However, some pessimistic opinions were presented as well. Opinions on continuation will be asked from all participants of the workshop with the evaluation form that will be distributed.

    Possibility that NPL might arrange the training course on a commercial basis after the end of the project was discussed. This was considered possible indeed.

  13. Next meeting
  14. Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 4 PM, in Borås, Sweden.

  15. Any other business
    1. Financial situation
    2. Petri Kärhä presented the financial situation of the network. The first cost statement has been accepted and the second payment of Commission (95.000) has been received by HUT. However, due to unsolved problems in the accounting, HUT has been unable to distribute the money further.

    3. Training course
    4. Experiences of arranging the first training course were discussed. The network evaluation forms had already been collected from the participants of the training course on Tuesday. Preliminary analysis of the feedback indicates that the training course was a success.

      It was decided that Bill Hartree discusses the training course with all participants of the workshop as well within the Practical Items -session of the workshop.

      Place and approximate time for the second training course were fixed. This will be arranged in Innsbruck, late April - mid May, 2000. NPL will take care of the arrangements with Mario Blumthaler (University of Innsbruck).

      Bill Hartree noted that NPL definitely needs more assistance with advertising the training course. Ways to accomplish this were discussed.

      A report on the training course is needed from Bill Hartree by November 15 to be delivered to the Commission with the second annual report.

      Discussion was carried out on the possibility to update and distribute the course notes. Publication was not considered appropriate before the second training course has been arranged.

    5. Database of action spectra

    Need for a database containing various action spectra was discussed. Collecting such a database was considered necessary and appropriate for the network. It was decided that the topic will be discussed within the network, and Petri Kärhä will distribute a questionnaire to all participants. Data that needs to be collected includes names and values of the spectra, status (standard, experimental, proposed, ), and references to organisations or publications.

  16. Closure
  17. Erkki Ikonen closed the meeting at 17:50.

  18. Action

Petri Kärhä: Compile programme for the fourth workshop. Analyse the feedback forms. Solve accounting problems with the Commission and distribute the second payment further. Prepare and distribute the questionnaire on action spectra.

Bill Hartree: Prepare a report on the first training course by Nov 15, 1999. Arrange second training course with Blumthaler.

Leif Liedquist: Arrange practical items of the fourth workshop.

WG Leaders: Prepare annual reports of the WG:s by Nov 15, 1999 (use same outline as in earlier report).

Nigel Fox: Develop methods for measuring and characterising out-of-band radiation.

All: Consider ways of advertising the second training course.


Espoo, September 20, 1999


Petri Kärhä