Spectral Responsivity at UV

This project was started in 2002 in order to produce a measurement setup which could be used to measure the irradiance responsivity of broad band UV detectors as the function of the wavelength. By doing this, calibrations of such detectors become independent of the light source used. The setup was intended to be used especially with detectors of low sensitivity. The setup consists of a light source (450 W Xenon lamp) and a single grating monochromator, which are used to produce intense light over a narrow wavelength band. A linear translation stage is used to interchange detectors in the diverging output beam.

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Project pictures

Figure 1. Sight from inside of the monochromator, when the input is illuminated with white light. Notice the diffraction grating at far right.

Figure 2. Three scenes from the measurements of the spectral leakage of the monochromator (slit scattering function measurements). Here shown are the measurements with the laser wavelengths a) 488 nm with Argon-ion laser

Figure 2. b) 514 nm with Argon-ion laser

Figure 2. c) 634 nm with diode laser.

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