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Infopage for postgraduate students

Metrology Research Institute only offers a limited amount of post graduate courses. This page was created to help students to find suitable courses for their PG degree. A total of 60 credits must be earned by the following module structure:

-Scientific practices and principles (5-15 cr)
-Research field (30-40 cr)
-Supplementary field (10-20 cr)

The courses below are merely a guideline since the study plan is ultimately accepted by the supervising professor. If you have some courses in mind that should be listed here, please contact Juha-Matti Hirvonen.


Recommended courses:





Tieteentekijän peruskurssi (5 p)

How to write an article? what is science? How my dissertation should look like?



A must for every post graduate student!


Patentit (3 p)

Protect your innovations and make big bucks!





Postgraduate Course in Measurements (10 p)

General course on measurements. Participants give lectures and discuss on



various subjects based on their own intrests. Well-suited for all.


Research Seminar on Measurement

Attendance in seminars held by M.Sc students and taking part in the discussions.


Science and Technology (2 p)

Well-suited for all although quite general.


Biological Effects and Measurements of EM

Biological effects, physics, health risks etc. Do cell phones really kill people?


Fields and Optical Radiation (4 p)

Take the course and find out.


Special Course in Measurement Science

Special topic and special time. check course pages for more information. Usually


and Technology (2-6 p)

specific topics.


Individual postgraduate course (1-10 op)

Get credits from conferences, summer schools, acting as an assistant or by



passing and exam based on a book. an all-round course.


Licentiate Course on Applied Electronics I (10 p)

Theme of these courses varies yearly. Typical topics are electronic design,



RF and radar hardware, and electronic measurements. During the course, students


Licentiate Course on Applied Electronics II (10 p)

design and build some electronic gadget, e.g. amplifier, adjustable oscillator or



radar modulator.


Postgraduate seminar on illumination

The topic of the seminar changes annually.


engineering (5-10 op)



Laser physics (4 cr)

Recommended for students working in optics. Includes also a lot of general





Modern optics (4 cr)

Varying topics like nonlinear optics, fourier optics and nano-optics. Maybe more



theoretical than other courses listed here.


Colloquium on New Materials (1-2 cr)

A seminar type course that consists of lectures given by different lecturers on different



topics. Topics vary every semester. The course gives some insight on what others



are doing on the field of optics, but all topics are not well related to optics.


O3 - Minä opettajana (5 p)

Ideas and tools for teaching. The first course of YOOP education.


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